Family Dentistry

Get Care For Children & Adults

  • Schedule your whole family for the same time
  • We see kids as young as 4
  • Feel confident in our decades of experience

Treat Your Loved Ones to Exceptional Care From Your Family Dentist in El Dorado Hills

As a parent or caregiver, you want to do right by your children and the rest of your family. One way of doing that is making sure they get regular smile care from a family dentist in El Dorado Hills. At Above the Gate Dentistry, you’ll find top-shelf care to help you and you family:

  • Enjoy healthy, happy smiles for life
  • Gain peace of mind about your oral health
  • Achieve your smile goals
  • Reduce your chances of experiencing a dental emergency
  • Smile confidently in every social or professional interaction

Call our office today at 916-299-8983 to make appointments for everyone. With three dentists, we have the capacity to see your whole family at the same time. Ask us about this scheduling option when you call! We’re conveniently located on Serrano Parkway, not far from Silva Valley Elementary School and Rolling Hills Middle School.

Keep Your Family’s Smiles Bright & Their Mouths Healthy

Above the Gate Dentistry is proud to provide care for a wide age range of patients. We see children as young as 4, as well as seniors and the elderly – and all ages in between. You can bring all your loved ones to our family dental office for treatment.

If your child is ready for their first dental appointment, we’ll most likely schedule them for a happy visit. This is a low-stress way to introduce your child to the idea of dental care. They’ll meet our staff, and we’ll show them some of the instruments we use in the office.

If they’re OK with it, we’ll take a quick look in their mouth to check their teeth and gums. When they’re a bit older, they’ll receive a complete dental cleaning and exam at their visits. Our team can use a needle-free anesthetic for numbing, if needed, for any family member.

Our full suite of services includes:

Call Above the Gate Dentistry today at 916-299-8983 to schedule appointments. Make sure your loved ones go to an skilled, expert family dentist in El Dorado Hills. You can also make appointments online.