Express Yourself Freely With No Worries About Crooked Teeth

If you are looking for an alternative to clunky metal braces, you’ve come to the right place! You can transform your smile and feel more confident using clear plastic teeth aligners. Metal-free aligners have been around since the late 1990s, and the technology behind them has only gotten better and better over the years.

We have the capability to deliver your new aligners right to our office. The process is simple:

  • We’ll digitally scan your teeth with an iTero scanner.
  • This information will be used to design your new aligners on our computer system.
  • The specifications for your aligners will be sent to us via Align Technologies. They are crafted from sturdy plastic. Since they are made from digital impressions, they will fit precisely.

You’ll know you’re getting the best quality because we use Invisalign, the company that has been the archetype to the clear aligner revolution. If there are any problems with the aligners, we can address them under the Invisalign guarantee.

During your treatment period, you’ll wear each set of orthodontic aligners for one to two weeks. They will snap into place comfortably over your teeth and gently move them into their correct positions. After two weeks, you’ll move on to the next set of aligners until you have your new smile. Many of our patients complete their orthodontic treatment in less than 12 months, not two years or longer like traditional braces take.

In addition to the speed of treatment, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • You’ll love the flexibility that your teeth aligners give you. You can remove them at any time for eating, brushing, or special occasions. Just pop them back in when you’re done and be sure to wear them for at least 20-22 hours each day to keep your treatment time as short as possible.
  • It will be hard for other people to see that you’re wearing the aligners. Since they’re transparent, they will blend in naturally with your smile. People probably won’t notice them unless you point them out.

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