We hope that you’re as excited about our new El Dorado County Above the Gate dental blog as we are. The purpose of the blog is to keep you informed and updated so you can enjoy your best smile year round. As always, if you have any questions our friendly team will be happy to answer them. Just give us a call at either 916-656-0050 (Diamond Springs) or 916-299-8983 (El Dorado Hills) for questions or to schedule an appointment.

This first edition of our new blog will highlight some of the benefits of our smile care that help set us apart.

You’ll Relax With Dental Sedation

You may be like many dental patients and get nervous about your visits for smile care. That’s not a problem, as we offer dental sedation that will help take the edge off your anxiety so you can relax in our chair. We’ll prescribe a small pill for you to take ahead of time. By the time you’re settled in with a cozy blanket and neck pillow, you’ll feel completely relaxed. The idea of dental care won’t bother you in the least. Plus, you’ll feel good about having taken the steps necessary to keep your smile healthy and bright.

You’ll Receive Precise Treatment With Our Advanced Technology

We know that in order to give our patients the best possible care, we have to invest in the latest dental technology. In our office you’ll find an assortment of leading-edge instruments, including a 3-D printer, a 3-D cone beam CT scanner, digital X-ray equipment, digital scanners, ultrasonic teeth cleaners, and a CEREC system for same-day crowns. We use this technology every day to make our patients’ care as precise, comfortable, and efficient as possible.

Your Care Will Be Compassionate & Gentle

Our trained and dedicated team will ensure that your time with us is as pleasant as we can make it. We’ll take time to explain each step of your care and fully answer any questions you have about it or about us. We’ll proceed through your treatment at a pace that’s comfortable for you, even taking a break if necessary. Our goal is for you to leave us having had a visit that’s memorable for all the right reasons.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first edition of our new Above the Gate dental blog in El Dorado County. If you have any questions or are ready to make an appointment, just give us a call at either 916-656-0050 (Diamond Springs) or 916-299-8983 (El Dorado Hills).